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Our system provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for HTML message creation. You can insert image, formatting text, adopt different fonts in the message as well as direct HTML code editing. Import message from your existing HTML message with input of the URL and a click.
Sending email campaigns to subscribers should be as simple as sending emails to friends, but when it comes to emails like newsletters, looks matter. Using the simple WYSIWYG editor, you can assemble compelling emails like a professional easier than ever. The editor is similar to a word processor. You can even just copy and paste text and images from Microsoft Word. If you're a designer, you can easily edit your own HTML code with a few clicks.
To make your campaign more viral, try inserting a forward to a friend link. You can also link your web sign-up forms within emails allowing new subscribers to sign up for newsletters or enquire about your products and services.


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