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JSender is a simple, fast email delivery platform designed for both marketing and technical user. You can:
  • ignore every technical and design stuff and simply create a marketing campaign in a few minutes with our message template.
  • design elegant HTML message in our code editor and import your existing design with a URL
  • integrate our platform's function to your existing system (import, export and operation), as well as coding for sophisticated features with our developer API.
Most important, our system is running in the cloud, you can start your promotion campaign with an update-to-date browser on your Internet connected desktop. No software, no installation and zero maintenance.

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Cloud-based email marketing is an important part of company's digital marketing strategy. Compare to other alternatives, email marketing makes more profit. Managing contact lists, deal with unsubscribes and actual sending can be very very difficult. Your email server will be blocked or black list if you are not careful when sending out too much outbound emails. However, cloud-base email marketing can give you more solutions.
  • Cloud-based email marketing has agreements with major ISPs.
  • Help you solve many problems, including unsubscribes, bounce and blast emails. Everything about email marketing is taken care of for you.
  • You can save resources and time with cloud-based email marketing which is charged on the basis of the number of contacts.
JSender email marketing system is cloud-based software with permission-based email communications. It helps mid-size company to get better results on marketing. Comprehensive features and detail report helps marketers easily learn the market trends and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team.


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