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Please read the following for the solution of the most frequent asked question.
What's List Size? Why should the List Size be limited?
Users have saved many contact data in our system, and we have a limitation for this amount of data. The limitation is what we call List Size.
Our charge depends on the list size, users can enlarge the list size by upgrading the plans.
The sending amount depends on size of the list, and it is as three times as the list size.
For example, you can save 1000 recipients' information if the list size is 1000, and you can send 3000 emails in a month. The sending amounts will be reset every month.
Is your email delivery system consistent with HK Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance?
JSender is absolutely with the「Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance in Hong Kong」, because every email that sent by the system will be automatically added in the necessary items of UEMO, like sender's information, unsubscription. Take the above reason into consideration, users need to fill out their information, and our system is consistent with UEMO if the information is truth.
Has refund mechanism been set up for the charge?
We haven't set the refund mechanism yet, but we have free trial service, you can apply for our service if the email delivery system meets your requirements after you try. Besides, our charge is very flexible, you can pay monthly or yearly.
Do you ensure that all the emails can be received?
The email may not be 100% sured that it can be received even under the sending permission-based mechanism. There are millions of email servers in the Internet, and every server has its own application to judge whether the email can be sent to the recipient's mailbox. And the email may be sorted as spam, it just depends on the recipient's server but not the delivery system. But there are a number of features to reduce the emails being mistakenly sorted as spam in our system.For example:
  • In case that the recipient's email server mistakenly judges our system sending bulk email, we will avoid sending a number of emails to an email server at the same time.
  • We have used many servers to send emails, and most of them are served by the Europe and U.S data center. All the delivery servers have fixed IP address.
  • We have followed the industry standard to send the emails, and it's greatly increased the receiving rate by using SPF and DKIM technology.
What can the payment way be accepted?
We accept bank-transfer, PayPal, cheque and cash.
I have deleted some emails, and some emails are unsubscribed or bounce-back, why does the list size show no reduction in the system?
In order not to send that email next time, we will also save the information of the email even it's unsubscribed or bounce-back, so the list size has not yet reduced.

Some users are using our system in an informal way, for example, they will delete many email lists and add the other new email addresses after sending a number of messages. It will greatly reduce the efficiency of our system and has a bad impact on other users if they do that again and again. In order to prevent that case, our system just hide the email addresses when users delete email addresses, but not really delete them, so you can see there is no reduction in the list. If you want to input that address again, you just need to add it into the address book, then you can use this email address, and the system won't repeat to calculate the amount. In this situation, the list size will not change.

We do not suggest the users to buy email list from the third part for marketing. When you are having the email promotion, you should guarantee the list quality and get the permission from the recipients.

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